"An abandoned hotel. A malevolent entity.  A trio of thrill seeking sinners.

Will they survive five days locked in the bowels of hell?”

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"When assigned a security contract in an abandoned hotel, feckless Justin Lynch (Jamie Chambers) unwittingly incurs the wrath of the demonic entity that resides within the halls of the ancient Carriage House Hotel. With the arrival of his thrill seeking girlfriend, Heilig (Leona Clarke) their sins begin to rack up, and when effervescent paranormal investigator, Miles (Ray Whelan) joins the group, his intrusive tamperings unleash hell on the trio. As the group venture deeper into the heart of the old hotel, reality pushes further away. One by one, they begin to crack, and are thrust headlong into a maelstrom of hell and confusion, pitted against one another at the amusement of their demonic hosts. 


You are cordially invited to Carriage House Hotel, where torment awaits the audacious and demonic retribution lies behind every freshly opened door."



In association with Warriors Eskrima, Screen Innovation and Alias Hire


Executive Producers: 




Produced by LEONA CLARKE. Cinematography by HENRY KEEP. 2nd Unit Cinematography by  DAN HUGO. Written and Directed by DB MORGAN. 1st Assistant Director SARAH DRAGE. Production Manager JOSEPH ALLISON. 1st AC JAMIE ‘J-DUBZ’ WRIGHT. 2nd Assistant Director JOSEPH ALLISON. Sound Recording by MAXWELL MOORE. SFX by CHLOE O’DWYER. Casting by DB MORGAN and JAMIE CHAMBERS. Hospitality Executives LAURA MORGAN, CALLUM CLADINGBOEL & LAUREN MORGAN. Mascots WILL & AYRA MORGAN. 


Special thanks to JASON SMEDLEY and the team at the Royal Hotel complex in Clacton-on-Sea, RODNEY APPLEYARD, Screen Innovation, PETER MAHONEY and our absent guru GREGG MASUAK. 


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The history of Carriage House hotel 


Saint Margaret's Orphanage closed in 1912 following a devastating fire that destroyed the building. Overseen by Sister Biddle Richardson prior to, and during, the first world war. During the early years of the war many young children, some as young as six months old, were brought to St Margaret's as a sanctuary to escape London; entrusted into the fold of a nun they called 'Biddle the Bun'. 


It is said that that due to lack of funding many of the more 'unruly' children (which translates as babies and young children not self sufficient enough to be easily maintained) were 'laid to rest' within the home grounds. 


Following the demolition of the site in 1925 records were scrutinized revealing that 193 children were unaccounted for- their existence erased following being admitted to St Margaret's. The majority belief is that St Margaret's received additional funding from a wealthy local benefactor, Brigadier Thomas Southgate, with parish records showing he was also the landowner during that period. Historical records hold up this theory with ledgers showing weekly payment of fifteen shillings to the orphanage for 'miscellaneous child services'. 


It was widely understood at the time that Brigadier Southgate had a penchant for young children and had been banned from the church for undisclosed offenses within the parish. Following his suicide within the grounds in 1913 it was discovered that his payments from the orphanage were to dispose of children deemed 'unsuitable' to St Margaret's. 


Excavations within the site, prior to rebuilding the grand Carriage hotel, discovered the remains of many human bones scattered within the ground that were undoubtedly the remains of many of the missing children. Several tiny coffin-like wooden caskets were also discovered containing the preserved bodies of very young children. Evidence suggests they bore all the hallmarks of being buried alive. Between 1914 and 1922 (when the grounds were closed off to the public and illegitimately reclassified as a national heritage excavation site) there were unprecedented levels of paranormal sightings and occurrences within the area, including scores of mass suicides and 'unrelated cult activities' in the year's following the demolition of St Margaret's. 


Father Alfred Morton, a vicar from a neighbouring parish conducted a well reported exorcism within the grounds in the mid nineteen thirties as activities reached near epidemic levels during a five-year period. Documentation states that occurrences during the exorcism were so intense that the Vatican was contacted as a matter of 'church of England urgency'. It was widely believed within the church that the atrocities carried out within the former children’s home unleashed a multitude of evil spirits drawn to 'pass over by the spirit energy of the unsettled dead.' Parish records state that church bells were rung 'five times day and night for seventy-two days' to ward off malevolent spirits. 


Recent history relating to St Margaret's orphanage is scarce as the majority of records were destroyed, not only in the initial fire, but also in a second fire within parish buildings in the late 1970's. 


It is unsurprising that the magnificent Carriage House hotel itself bears many malevolent scars from past atrocities. When the very earth and foundations are corrupt its easy to understand why.


The horrific truth about St. Margaret's may have been all but erased from history but the malevolent forces that protect the many secrets of the site remain.” 



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